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Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968)

Doris Day and Patrick O’Neal are husband and wife in this permissive comedy based on a stage play, with Terry-Thomas as a Hungarian stinker.

A young man is passed over for promotion by the bosses stupid son so he hatches a plan to steal the companies dividends. When there is a blackout in New York City, he has difficulty escaping and ends up sleeping with Doris Day.

Margaret Garrison
Doris Day
Peter Garrison
Patrick O’Neal
Waldo Zirrer
Robert Morse
Ladislaus Walichek
Roberta Lane
Lola Albright
Tru-Blue Lou
Jim Backus
Otis J. Hendershot Jr
Dale Malone
Otis J. Hendershot Sr
Robert Emhardt
Dr Dudley Caldwell
Parley Baer
Marvin Reinholtz
Randy Whipple
Radio Announcer
Steve Allen
Detective Captain
Harry Hickox
Earl Wilson
Earl Wilson

Hy Averback