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White Comanche (1968)

This ultra-cheap spaghetti western filmed in Spain is a movie for the William Shatner fan who has everything: Here that great space hero (on hiatus from playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek) plays two Indians! He’s Notah Moon, a wild, drug-crazed, bare-chested blonde half-breed in war paint who kills white men and rapes white women.

He’s also Johnny Moon, the depressed, innocent but heroic cowboy brother who’s always being mistaken for Notah and is almost lynched. Johnny tells Notah, “Eat the peyote, drug of the Devil! Dream your dream of hate! One of us must die!”

After a lot of double-crosses, misunderstandings and killings – and a long Notah speech to his people – the Indians and the townspeople are all at funerals and the two opposing Shatners face each other in a battle to the death.

The print is so washed out that the sky (and Shatner’s pants) are usually purple.

Johnny Moon/Notah
William Shatner
Sheriff Logan
Joseph Cotten
Rosanna Yanni
White Fawn
Perla Cristal
General Garcia
Mariano Vidal Molina
Luis Prendes
Mayor Bolker
Barta Barri
Vicente Roca
Kah To
Luis Rivera
Javier Maiza
Víctor Israel
Fernando Lewis
The Parson
Héctor Quiroga
The Boy
Gian Castelli

José Briz Méndez (Gilbert Lee Kay)