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White Lightnin’ Road (1965)

Snake (country singer Earl “Snake” Richards) is a low-down cheating rural stock-car race driver who works for Slick (played by director Ron Ormond, Tennessee’s own version of Ed Wood) – a gangster running a crooked auto parts syndicate – and makes life hell for his rival Joe.

Arlene Hunter is Ruby, a beautiful blonde hillbilly Marilyn Monroe type and the daughter of a moonshiner (Claude Casey). In fact, Hunter, a Playboy centrefold back in 1954, had been passed off as Monroe in a famous stag film.

Other characters are Tim (Ron Ormond’s son, Tim), a young orphan fan of Joe who hangs around the racetrack, Gimpy (Craven Edwards) – seen putting on his wooden leg – and the bearded killer Ace.

There’s moonshining, a shotgun wedding and a catfight between two blondes along with some jazzy music plus the familiar guitar sounds that Ormond had used in several other features. Actual race scenes were filmed at the Thunder Road Speedway in Atlanta.

The Ormonds, the South’s first family of exploitation movies, returned with The Exotic Ones

This is definitely one for fans of NASCAR or Dukes of Hazzard re-runs.

Arlene Hunter
Snake Richardson
Earl ‘Snake’ Richards
Slick Mosley
Ron Ormond
Craven Edwards
Tim Masters
Tim Ormond

Ron Ormond