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Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed? (1963)

There’s an impressive line-up of players in this harmless bit of fun.

Dean Martin – in one of his first “solo” comedies – is actor Jason Steele, who plays a caring, godlike doctor in a television series and who is pursued by women in real-life, especially the wives of his poker-playing cronies.


When Melissa (Elizabeth Montgomery from TV’s Bewitched) starts propelling him towards the altar, he goes to a poker-playing friend who also happens to be a psychiatrist for guidance.

As the psychiatrist’s nurse, Carol Burnett delivers another fine comedy performance. Jill St John and Martin Balsam co-star.

Dean Martin, however, is Dean Martin.

Jason Steel
Dean Martin
Mellisa Morris
Elizabeth Montgomery
Sanford Kaufman
Martin Balsam
Toby Tobler
Jill St. John
Stella Irving
Carol Burnett
Leonard Ashley
Richard Conte
Jacqueline Edwards
Macha Méril
Harry Tobler
Louis Nye
Isami Hiroti
Yôko Tani
Yoshimi Hiroti
Jack Soo
Mona Kaufman
Dianne Foster
Tom Edwards
Elliott Reid
Johnny Silver
Dora Ashley
Elisabeth Fraser
Sam Jones
Steve Clinton

Daniel Mann