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Not With My Wife, You Don’t! (1966)

Romantic comedy starring Tony Curtis, Virna Lisi (who also starred with Frank Sinatra the same year in Assault On A Queenand George C Scott.

Tom Ferris (Curtis) wins the hand of his wife Julie (Lisi) by telling her that his army buddy and romantic rival ‘Tank’ Martin (Scott) has been killed during the Korean War.

But as Tom becomes increasingly caught up in his career, Tank reappears on the scene to challenge him once more for Julie’s affections.

George C Scott is usually associated with heavyweight drama rather than lightweight fluff, but here he proves his comic strength as Tony Curtis’s rival for Virna Lisi’s affections.

Director Norman Panama and co-writers Larry Gelbart and Peter Barnes make the nonstop contrivance of the situation appear seamless.

Tom Ferris
Tony Curtis
Julie Ferris
Virna Lisi
Tank Martin
George C Scott
General Parker
Carroll O’Connor
General Walters
Richard Eastham
Sgt Gilroy
Eddie Ryder
Sgt Dogerty
George Tyne
Doris Parker
Ann Doran
Nurse Sally Ann
Donna Danton

Norman Panama