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Wild and the Willing (1962)

Ian McShane and John Hurt made their feature film debuts in this swinging 1960s drama centring on a group of students and their sexual exploits and escapades.

Harry (McShane) is a promising student whose academic career is derailed after he becomes romantically involved with a professor’s wife, and further threatened once he begins to plan a flamboyant stunt to disrupt campus complacency.

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Perhaps best seen as a somewhat quieter British equivalent of an American frat-house comedy, The Wild and the Willing is an entertaining showcase for its young cast of future stars and a reminder that Ralph Thomas’ filmography extended beyond the Doctor series for which he is best known.

Released in some markets as Young and Willing.

Virginia Chown
Virginia Maskell
Professor George Chown
Paul Rogers
Harry Brown
Ian McShane
Phil Corbett
John Hurt
Josie Stevens
Samantha Eggar
Catherine Woodville
David Sumner
John Standing
Johnny Briggs
Johnny Sekka
Andrew Gilby
Jeremy Brett
Edgar Tibbs
Charles Kay
Mr Corbett
John Barrie
Mrs Corbett
Megs Jenkins
Denise Coffey
Marianne Stone

Ralph Thomas