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Wild In The Country (1961)

This drama about Glenn Tyler – a rebellious backwoods delinquent on parole, who ends up going to college to become a great writer – represents an attempt to unveil Elvis Presley as a straight dramatic actor.

He makes a respectable attempt but is not quite good enough, and has no help from an unconvincing plot and script.


In the course of the action (which goes on for too long) he is placed in his uncle’s care after getting in one fight too many, sent to psychiatrist Irene Sperry (Hope Lange), who discovers and nurtures his hidden writing talent and falls for him.

Meanwhile, he is two-timing ladylike Betty Lee Parsons (Millie Perkins) and earthy Noreen (Tuesday Weld), and his reputation as a trouble-maker proves hard to overcome.

Strangely, this unlikely piece is based on the true story of one Jesse Stuart, a Kentucky hillbilly who became a successful writer.

Glenn Tyler
Elvis Presley
Irene Sperry
Hope Lange
Tuesday Weld
Betty Lee Parsons
Millie Perkins
Rafer Johnson
Monica George
Christina Crawford
Phil Macy
John Ireland
Cliff Macy
Gary Lockwood
Judge Parker
Jason Robards

Philip Dunne