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Wild Guitar (1962)

Arch Hall Jr. is Bud Eagle, a country boy singer who motorcycles from Spearfish, South Dakota to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune.

After a morning wandering around seeing the sights, Bud ends up in a diner wondering how he will pay for lunch. He settles for a fifteen cent doughnut and a cup of coffee, but one of the other patrons – a blonde dancer named Vickie (Olympic skating champion Nancy Czar) – takes pity on him and offers him her sandwich.

They strike up an acquaintance that progresses to Vickie taking Bud to see her dancing at a television studio that day, and when one of the performers falls ill, Bud seizes his big chance to replace him.

Bud ends up in the clutches of promo man Mike McCauley (William Watters, actually Hall’s father, Arch Hall Sr) who proceeds to rob him blind.

When McCauley sets up a weirdly-cavorting, noisily-kissing floozie to make it look as if Bud is cheating on Vickie, it’s the last straw and a kidnap plot offers the naive singer the opportunity to get his own back.

It’s yet another vanity project produced and scripted by film company head Arch Hall Sr for his son to star in but the storyline and dialogue are woeful in this super cheapie and Arch Hall Jr is an unfortunate looking, blonde-pompadoured lummox who can’t act.


Bud Eagle
Arch Hall Jr.
Vickie Wills
Nancy Czar
Mike McCauley
Arch Hall Sr (as William Watters)
Marie Denn
Cash Flagg
Don Proctor
Robert Crumb
Bill Lloyd
Jonathan Karle
Al Scott
Virginia Broderick
Hal Kenton
Paul Voorhees

Ray Dennis Steckler