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Wild Ones On Wheels (1962)

Duke Walker (Sydney Mason) is released from jail (old prison movie stock footage is used here) and heads for a remote diner and motel to reclaim the $250,000 in loot he had stashed in the desert and his girlfriend Hazel (Francine York).

Hazel runs the place with her “gimpy” brother. Meanwhile, a gang led by King Tut (Edmund Tontini) shows up in three jeeps and a convertible driven by Preacher Man (Ray Dennis Steckler).

This movie is pretty dull despite Steckler talking jive and York seen topless (from the back). Characters talk a lot, fight, have a deadly chickie run, and one is “tortured” with a small lizard . . .

The black & white feature wasn’t released until 1967. York also starred in the even cheaper Secret File Hollywood by the same producer.

Francine York
King Tut
Edmund Tontini
Bill James
Robert Blair
Jonathan Karle
Diana George
Duke Walker
Sydney Mason
Mike Kannon
Joe Thomas
Preacher Man
Ray Dennis Steckler

Rudolph Cusumano