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Wild Racers, The (1968)

Teen heartthrob Fabian plays former stock car driver Jo Jo Quillico, who is hired by a Grand Prix racing team tycoon to be runner-up for a more experienced driver in the year’s big European races.

But Jo Jo can’t resist trying to win and when his partner is injured, he is given his chance, scoring several spectacular victories. He travels from circuit to circuit across Europe, conquering women along the way.

That changes when he finds Katherine Pearson (Mimsy Farmer), a girl who sticks beside him no matter what, and for whom he feels the first stirrings of real love.

Despite the pseudo-art-house style, the film carries the mood and atmosphere of 1960s Grand Prix racing very well. The race scenes (mostly actually F2 races filmed in Holland, Spain, Britain and France) are well cut and the scenes of European cities and landscapes are a lovely travelogue view of the Continent.

Quentin Tarantino has described The Wild Racers as his favourite racing car film.

Jo Jo Quillico
Katherine Pearson
Mimsy Farmer
Judy Cornwell
Warwick Sims
Alan Haufrect
David Landau
Talia Shire
Patricia Culbert
French Girlfriend
Ursule Pauly
Pit Crew Mechanic
Dick Miller

Daniel Haller
Roger Corman