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Wild, Wild Planet, The (1965)

Shot back-to-back with War of the Planets, this cops-and-robbers-in-outer-space epic from cult Italian journeyman director Antonio Margheriti is a dazzling cocktail of groovy 1960s sci-fi, kitschy psychedelia and outrageous special effects.

In the 21st century, insane scientist Dr Nurmi (Massimo Serato) fabricates female androids in order to kidnap VIP space officials, who are miniaturised and transported in special attaché cases for further experiments.

The intrepid commander of space station Gamma One, Mike Halstead (Tony Russel) investigates the disappearances and pinpoints the planetoid Delphos, where Serato is experimenting to populate the Earth with perfect specimens.

Mike and his fearless crew race against time to save Mike’s girlfriend, Lt. Connie Gomez (Lisa Gastoni) from the clutches of Dr Nurmi who plans to fuse part of his body with that of Lt. Gomez to create a bizarre hybrid.

Humans with cat’s eyes, four-armed mutants, karate-chopping girls in flimsy chiffon nighties – the wacky zaniness never ends in this wonderfully outlandish romp that Austin Powers fans will adore.


Commander Mike Halstead
Tony Russell
Connie Gomez
Lisa Gastoni
Dr Nels Nurmi
Massimo Serato
Franco Nero
Carlo Giustini
Enzo Fiermonte
Umberto Raho
Hotel agent
Isarco Ravaioli

Antonio Margheriti