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Wrong Arm of the Law, The (1963)

A classic British caper comedy from the genius comedy writing team of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Cor blimey cockney crime-lord Pearly Gates (Peter Sellers) and his gang of crooks have a gentleman’s agreement with Scotland Yard – headed by Inspector “Nosey” Parker (Lionel Jeffries) and the Assistant Commissioner (John Le Mesurier) – which makes for a violence-free life for all parties.

Gates is also in the “rag trade” and owns an upscale Bond Street women’s dress shop and salon where he poses as Monsieur Jules, a French purveyor of haute couture.

The gang start getting ripped off by another gang who pose as policemen and confiscate (“steal”) all their hard-robbed loot.

Assuming it’s the work of rival Irish gang leader, Nervous O’Toole (Bernard Cribbins), Gates is surprised to discover that O’Toole’s gang are also being conned by the same mob – a gang of Australian criminals, new to the manor and being tipped off by Pearly’s girl, Valerie (Nanette Newman).

Gates calls a meeting of all the London underground gangs, who ask Scotland Yard to work with them to set a trap and catch the rogue IPO (“Impersonating Police Officers”) gang.

The great ensemble cast is a who’s who of comedy talent. Michael Caine has a small cameo as a policeman.

Pearly Gates
Peter Sellers
Inspector “Nosey” Parker
Lionel Jeffries
Nervous O’Toole
Bernard Cribbins
Trainer King
Davy Kaye
Nanette Newman
Jack Coombes
Bill Kerr
Bluey May
Ed Devereaux
Reg Denton
Reg Lye
Assistant Commissioner
John Le Mesurier
Sid Cooper
Graham Stark
Superintendent Forest
Martin Boddey
Arthur Mullard
Misery Martin
Dermot Kelly
Vanda Godsell
Irene Browne
Siggy Schmoltz
Tutte Lemkow
Barry Keegan
John Junkin
Man in Flat 307
Dick Emery

Cliff Owen