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40 Carats (1973)

After a brief holiday romance in Greece, Ann Stanley (a woman of 40) finds romance with 22-year-old Peter Latham in this comedy-drama.

Ann does not imagine that she’ll see Peter again. But, back in New York, they meet by chance and find that they are still attracted to one another.

Swedish import Liv Ullmann, in the role played on the Broadway stage by Lauren Bacall, doesn’t fit into the sophisticated New York whirl presented here, and no matter how hard she tries, her affair with younger Edward Albert remains unconvincing.

But debonair Gene Kelly, as her impecunious ex-husband, is a joy to discover in this wisp of fluff – despite his awkward toupee.

Veterans Binnie Barnes and Nancy Walker also keep the pot boiling, though this slight confection needs a very indulgent audience indeed.

Ann Stanley
Liv Ullmann
Peter Latham
Edward Albert
Billy Boylan
Gene Kelly
Maud Ericson
Binnie Barnes
Trina Stanley
Deborah Raffin
JD Rogers
Billy Green Bush
Mrs Margolin
Nancy Walker
Mr Latham
Don Porter
Mrs Latham
Rosemary Murphy
Mrs Adams
Natalie Schaefer

Milton Katselas