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Boy and His Dog, A (1975)

Like so much cold war-era sci-fi, A Boy and His Dog envisages a future world (2024 to be precise) essentially reduced to ashes by nuclear holocaust.

But this 1975 directorial debut by veteran actor LQ Jones, based on a revered novella by Harlan Ellison, is an imaginative and decidedly offbeat spin on a very familiar scenario.

Don Johnson stars as a teenager named Vic, who navigates the bleak reality of post-WW4 life with the assistance of his telepathic dog, Blood (voiced by Tim McIntire).

Vic’s perpetual sexual frustration is established early on, and Blood’s wry, eloquent teasing of his owner is a comic highlight: “I’d be delighted to tell you a suggestive story if you think that would help”.


Alas, the boy’s base impulses prove to be his undoing, as he’s lured by a beautiful woman to a creepy underground city, and held against his will so that he might help replenish its dwindling population – the male residents have been rendered impotent by lack of exposure to daylight.

The film oscillates wildly in tone – it’s equal parts absurdist comedy and dark meditation on the dehumanising effect of widespread atrocity.


Don Johnson
Blood (voice)
Tim McIntire
Quilla June
Susanne Benton
Mr Craddock
Jason Robards
Dr Moore
Alvy Moore
Helene Winston
Charles McGraw
Hal Baylor
Ron Feinberg
Mike Rupert
Don Carter
Michael Hershman

L Q Jones