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ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style, The (1978)

This Australian semi-documentary presented (most of) the letters of the alphabet and discussed sexual subjects beginning with the corresponding letter – eg: B for Birth, H for Homosexual, O for Orgasm etc – with a Swedish “sexologist” (Maj-Brith Bergström-Walan) throwing in her opinion for good measure.

It’s basically just an excuse for a softcore porn film and copious amounts of nudity.

The segments in full are: A: Anatomy; B: Birth; C: Contraception; D: Dreams; E: Erotic & Erogenous Zones; F: Fun; G: Genitals; H: Homosexual; I: Innocence & Ignorance; J: Jealousy; K: Kiss; L: Love; M: Masturbation & Masochism; N: Natural or Normal; O: Orgasm; P: Pornography; R: Rape; S: Seduction; T: Temptation; U: Understanding; W: Words; X: eXcellence; Y: You. Three letters of the alphabet – Q, V and Z – had no corresponding segment.

Watch out for John Michael “Hollywood” Howson in a brief cameo as a gay party crasher in leatherman clobber.

Narrator (voice)
Sandy Gore
Narrator (voice)
Michael Cole
Maj-Brith Bergström-Walan
Man with Whipped Cream
Ian Broadbent
Man in Park
Leon Cosak
Woman in Park
Gillian Seemer
John Michael Howson
Nicholas Kislinsky
Katie Morgan
Marilyn Rodgers
Bearded man at orgy
Peter Thompson

John D Lamond