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Abductors, The (1972)

Three cheerleaders (a blonde, a brunette and a redhead) are kidnapped by slavers who tie them up and sell them to businessmen who pay upwards of $100,000 per girl in this superior sequel to the 1971 sexploitation flick Ginger. Some beauty queens are nabbed too.

Before being sold, the girls are subjected to all sorts of erotic torture by their captors – but the girls eventually grow to like it (!)

Female detective Ginger (blonde Cheri Caffaro, wife of the director and writer, Don Schain) is again on hand, stripping fearlessly while hunting down the leaders of the slave ring. There is – once again – the inevitable castration theme as she takes her revenge on the abductors.

The redheaded cheerleader, Jane, is played by Jeramie Rain (also in Last House on the Left) who was Mrs Richard Dreyfuss in real life. Also with Richard Smedley, Jennifer Brooks and Patrick Wright.

Girls Are for Loving was next in the violent and cheesy “Ginger” series.


Cheri Caffaro
Jason Varone
William Grannell
Ken Stanton
Richard Smedley
Carter Winston
Jennifer Brooks
Patrick Wright
Anthony Barone
Rudy Hornish
Mary Lou
Gerie Bronson
Mr Aronson
Stan Franklin
Mr Stuart
Eli Levine
Jeramie Rain
Honey Well

Don Schain