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Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall (1973)

Spike Milligan plays his own father in this autobiographical and highly comedic account of a British army recruit during World War II, whilst Jim Dale is patently too old to portray the youthful conscript Spike.

Young jazz trumpeter Spike (Dale) is enjoying a carefree existence when news arrives that Germany has invaded Poland and war is a distinct possibility – and thus it follows that Spike is enlisted when war breaks out.

The story chronicles the adventures of Spike and his motley pals during his time as a naive conscript, as their rigorous basic training with the Royal Artillery at Bexhill gradually degenerates into a chaotic free-for-all.

Spikes adventures include gunnery practise with an ancient artillery piece, witnessing his first dead German, a farcical inter-company boxing match and slapstick military manoeuvres.

Spike Milligan
Jim Dale
Leo Milligan

Spike Milligan
Major Drysdale

Arthur Lowe

Tony Selby
Sgt Ellis

Bill Maynard

Geoffrey Hughes
Mrs Milligan

Pat Coombs
Sgt MacKay

Windsor Davies
Lt Martin

Stephen Yardley

Bob Todd
Tommy Brettell

Anthony Booth

Norman Cohen