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Adventures Of A Private Eye (1977)

Following on from the surprisingly profitable Adventures of a Taxi Driver, this smutty romp sticks to the same formula.

Christopher Neil, in the title role, strips at regular intervals to satisfy a blackmailer’s demand that he sleep with every pretty girl he meets.

Comic stalwarts such as Harry H Corbett and Irene Handl are joined by the glamorous Diana Dors, Suzy Kendall and Liz Fraser, but this is really no more than soft-core pulp.


Jon Pertwee also makes an appearance, and the sight of the former Doctor reclining shirtless, smoking a cigarette and having his nipples rubbed through a veritable pelt of white chest hair by a young dolly bird, his navy tattoos on proud display, was no doubt a bit of a shock to anyone raised on Day of the Daleks. Pertwee seems in his element, though, reclining with sultan-like calm to earn his one-day fee.

Although he saw action in the British ‘sexploitation’ business for over 25 years, Stanley Long only directed seven features and this was his penultimate big-screen outing.

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Bob West
Christopher Neil
Laura Sutton
Suzy Kendall
Harry H Corbett
Liz Fraser
Miss Friggin
Irene Handl
Ian Lavender
Lisa Moroni
Adrienne Posta
Anna Quayle
William Rushton
Mrs Horne
Diana Dors
Angela Scoular
Judd Blake
Jon Pertwee

Stanley Long