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Adventures Of A Private Eye (1977)

Following on from the surprisingly profitable Adventures of a Taxi Driver, this smutty romp sticks to the same formula.

In the title role, private detective Bob West (Christopher Neil) is assistant to top private eye Judd Blake (Jon Pertwee) and itching to take charge of a case himself. He gets the chance when Blake has to go out of town for a few days and former model Laura Sutton (Suzy Kendall) walks into the office, mistakes him for his boss and tells Bob she is being blackmailed over some compromising nude photographs which, if published, will ruin her chances of inheriting a substantial legacy.

Thus begins the crazy investigation with the ambitious, well-meaning Bob making a complete hash of things.


Comic stalwarts such as Harry H Corbett and Irene Handl are joined by the glamorous Diana Dors, Adrienne Posta and Liz Fraser, but this is really no more than soft-core pulp.

The sight of the former Doctor Who Jon Pertwee reclining shirtless, smoking a cigarette and having his nipples rubbed through a veritable pelt of white chest hair by a young dolly bird – his navy tattoos on proud display – was no doubt a bit of a shock to anyone raised on Day of the Daleks. Pertwee seems in his element, though, reclining with sultan-like calm to earn his one-day fee.

Although he saw action in the British ‘sexploitation’ business for over 25 years, Stanley Long only directed seven features and this was his penultimate big-screen outing.

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Bob West
Christopher Neil
Laura Sutton
Suzy Kendall
Harry H Corbett
Liz Fraser
Miss Friggin
Irene Handl
Ian Lavender
Lisa Moroni
Adrienne Posta
Anna Quayle
William Rushton
Mrs Horne
Diana Dors
Angela Scoular
Judd Blake
Jon Pertwee

Stanley Long