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Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate (1978)

Plumbing seems an agreeable enough occupation for Sid South (Christopher Neil) whose job offers him ample opportunity to bed a variety of nubile girls.

Apart from his regular girlfriend, barmaid Susie (Elaine Page), there’s his latest conquest, Sally, and an all-too-willing blonde housewife.

His luck runs out when his love of the horses leaves him with a gambling debt of £900 – which two bookmakers’ heavies – Blackie (Arthur Mullard) and Stropper (Jerold Wells) – are anxious to collect.


Sid’s boss, old Crapper (Stephen Lewis, pictured below right), sends him to change a toilet seat for the kinky Janice and, after more sexual skirmishes, our likely lad sells the seat to an antique dealer for 50 pence.

But underneath the surface is pure gold – the result of Janice’s jailbird husband’s latest haul – and the new owner of the loo seat is Detective Inspector Wallings.

More sexual shenanigans in the shower room at the local tennis club, and a bungled attempt to switch a fake Picasso at an indoor swimming party, leave Sid with only one alternative. To emigrate.

But in the nick of time an insurance man turns up with a £1,000 cheque for his part in recovering the stolen gold.

This example of the British sex-comedy boom of the 1970s is a tatty tale from Stanley Long (who made two other, similarly-titled movies) that presents wife-beating as slapstick.

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Christopher Neil is singularly unappealing as the titular hero, whose attempts to settle his debts bring him into contact with endless sex-starved women and gangster William Rushton.

To all intents and purposes, Stephen Lewis is just reprising his On the Buses role here, though he does manage to end the film on a new low, having a superpowered toilet cleaning hose rammed up his backside.

The promotional material for the film attempted to cash in on Elaine Page’s Evita fame (she won the 1978 West End Theatre Award for best performance in a musical) by splashing her name across the poster.


Sid South
Christopher Neil
Arthur Mullard
Stephen Lewis
Loretta Proudfoot
Anna Quayle
Neville Barber
Lindy Benson
Christopher Biggins
Elaine Paige
Rent collector
Jonathan Adams
Graham Ashley

Stanley Long