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Adventures Of A Taxi Driver (1976)

Girls and trouble are inseparable for young London taxi driver Joe North (a miscast Barry Evans) who uses his job to try and get as much “crumpet” as he possibly can.

At home, Joe has a nagging mother (Diana Dors), a younger sister who definitely should be neither seen nor heard, and a petty crook brother – along with Joe’s dizzy girlfriend, Carol (Adrienne Posta), with wedding bells constantly ringing in her ears.

Joe moves in with his friend, garage-owner Tom (Robert Lindsay), for a little peace and quiet, but is distracted by Tom’s sexy stripper girlfriend, Nikki (Judy Geeson) and her pet python.

Joe’s ability to pick up passengers is equalled only by his gift for picking up pretty girls, who have their own delightful ways of showing their gratitude to a cabbie.

It seems the only pickup Joe doesn’t actually get involved with is Maisie (Liz Fraser), a busty blonde of easy virtue who ‘entertains’ clients in his cab, and Bunny McQueen (Stephen Riddle), a deceptive blonde drag artist.


Then Joe’s cab is commandeered by a gang of jewel thieves, and he discovers that Tom, Nikki and his own bungling brother are involved!

So our disgruntled taxi driver heads for home, his noisy family and Carol, who would like nothing better than to take him (and his cab) to the altar. Joe wonders if life wouldn’t be more peaceful in prison with the others . . .

Stephen Lewis (Blakey of On The Buses fame) has a small role as a doorman in a strip club, and Adrienne Posta belts out the horrid theme song, My Cruisin’ Casanova, twice!

You have been warned.


Joe North
Barry Evans
Judy Geeson
Carol Hotchkiss
Adrienne Posta
Liz Fraser
Ian Lavender
Mrs North
Diana Dors
Stephen Lewis
Robert Lindsay
Inspector Rogers
Henry McGee
Angela Scoular
Brian Wilde
Jane Hayden
Marc Harrison
Bunny McQueen
Stephen Riddle
Dave Carter
Gloria Maley
Anna Bergman
Mrs Devere Barker
Prudence Drage
Natasha Staiteh-Masri
Sergeant Jeeves
Charles Pemberton

Stanley Long