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Airport 1975 (1974)

An all-star cast highlighted this mind-boggling 1970’s disaster film – The first of three sequels to Airport (1970).

A 747 bound for Salt Lake City is hit by a small private plane whose pilot has suffered a heart attack. The collision rips a hole in the cockpit, and most of the crew are sucked out, leaving the plane without a pilot.

Karen Black plays the terrified (and cross-eyed) stewardess who must then take over the controls.

Charlton Heston and George Kennedy play the airline staff trying to guide her down. Gloria Swanson, Sid Caesar, Erik Estrada, Linda Blair and even former Oakland Raiders quarterback Jim Plunket also co-star. Helen Reddy plays a singing nun.

If you ignore the terrible acting and concentrate on the special effects this film is more than entertaining.

Despite the title, the film was made in 1974. A further sequel, called Airport ’77, followed in (take a guess) 1977.


Alan Murdoch
Charlton Heston
Karen Black
Joseph Patroni
George Kennedy
Gloria Swanson
Gloria Swanson
Sister Ruth
Helen Reddy
Captain Stacy
Efrem Zimbalist Jr
Helen Patroni
Susan Clark
Sid Caesar
Janice Abbott
Linda Blair
Scott Freeman
Dana Andrews
John Urias
Roy Thinnes
Mrs Abbott
Nancy Olson
Major Alexander
Ed Nelson
Mrs Devaney
Myrna Loy
Winnie Griffith
Augusta Summerland

Jack Smight