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Airport ’79 – The Concorde (1979)

The fourth helping of Airport adventure was subtitled The Concorde, and inevitably the film suffered from the law of diminishing returns.

This time the plot dealt with international arms dealer Dr Kevin Harrison (Robert Wagner) – one of the richest and most powerful men in the world – who attempts to sabotage the Concorde on three separate occasions in an effort to destroy some incriminating evidence against him which is being carried by one of the passengers, American television reporter Maggie Whelan (Susan Blakely).


The crew also have to deal with a ‘Buzzard Attack Missile’ chasing the plane, an emergency landing with no brakes, various explosions and doors coming off, and a crash-landing into the snow – all while on a goodwill flight to Moscow with Olympic athletes on board!

The movie was made entirely to the tried and tested formula, with two-dimensional characters taking second place to the aircraft itself and the in-flight drama which threatens its destruction.

George Kennedy (again) played the hero, and the large cast under David Lowell Rich’s equally formula direction included Sylvia Kristel (fully clothed) , Eddie Albert, Charo (The Love Plane?) and Cicely Tyson.

Captain Paul Metrand
Alain Delon
Maggie Whelan
Susan Blakely
Dr Kevin Harrison
Robert Wagner
Sylvia Kristel
Eli Sande
Eddie Albert
Bibi Andersson
Amy Sande
Sybil Danning
Robert Palmer
John Davidson
Monica Lewis
Alicia Rogov
Andrea Marcovicci
Mercedes McCambridge
Joe Patroni
George Kennedy
Coach Fyodor Markov
Avery Schreiber
Elaine Gilbert
Cicely Tyson
Peter O’Neill
David Warner
Dr Harold Stone
Nicolas Coster
William Halpern
Robin Gammell
Jon Cedar
Pierre Jalbert
Mary Parker
Kathleen Maguire
Carl Parker
Macon McCalman
Stacy Heather Tolkin

David Lowell Rich