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Albert’s Follies (White Cargo) (1973)

This low budget comedy (it was made in less than two-and-a-half weeks for £70,000) stars Albert Toddey (David Jason), a bumbling civil servant who dreams he is a Bond-like secret agent.

He gets involved in a plot by villain Mr Fox (Raymond Cross) to smuggle young women out to the Middle East and more by luck than skill or judgment he manages to thwart the baddies and save the day.

The gorgeous Imogen Hassall co-stars and there is even an appearance from a pre-Darth Vader Dave Prowse.

The film was originally written as a vehicle for The Goodies but the trio pulled out before filming could begin.

Albert Toddey
David Jason
Imogen Hassall
Hugh Lloyd
Tim Barrett
Dudley Fox
Raymond Cross
David Prowse
Sue Bond
Special Agent
John Barber
Stanley Stewart

Ray Selfe