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Albino (1975)

Recently retired Rhodesian police officer Terrick Handel (James Faulkner) turns vigilante to hunt down an albino terrorist called Whispering Death (Horst Frank) who rapes, scalps and kills his fiancée, Sally (Sybil Danning) – the daughter of a corrupt plantation owner called Johannes (Trevor Howard).

Police commissioner Mr Bill (Christopher Lee) orders Terrick to bring Whispering Death in alive, but Terrick is determined to make him pay with his life for raping and murdering Sally.

Together with his loyal native guide Katchemu (Sam Williams), Terrick goes out into the Rhodesian countryside looking to kill Whispering Death and his band of terrorists.

Mr Bill’s white Rhodesian troops are equally as determined to stop Terrick and avert a racial uprising (the tribal natives revere Whispering Death in their struggle against their white oppressors) by maintaining law and order.

Released in some markets as Night of the Askari.

Mr Bill
Christopher Lee
Terrick Handel
James Faulkner
Whispering Death
Horst Frank
Sybil Danning
Captain Turnbull
Erik Schumann
Sascha Hehn
Sam Williams
Harry Makela
van Sittert
Josh du Toit
Trevor Howard

Jürgen Goslar