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Alf Garnett Saga, The (1972)

This second spin-off feature film from the popular sixties comedy series Till Death Us Do Part picks up where the first film ends.

Alf (Warren Mitchell) and his family have been turfed out of the slum housing they inhabited and moved to a flat in a high rise. The family prefer the new home but Alf loathes it and misses his old house – as crappy as it was.

To make matters worse, they are on the top floor and Alf is scared of heights.

There are power cuts too so the lift never works and Alf doesn’t even get breakfast some mornings. Just to compound his misery, his daughter’s ‘randy scouse git’ layabout boyfriend is living there to torment him.

There’s not much plot or any particular rhyme or reason to The Alf Garnett Saga and it feels less cosy than the previous film with Alf’s rants more grating than usual at times.

It doesn’t help that Una Stubbs and Anthony Booth are absent as his daughter Rita and son-in-law Mike. These roles are now taken by Adrienne Posta and Paul Angelis.

Posta, a capable and attractive actress of the time, is not given anything to do and one misses the way Una Stubbs would stand up to Alf and debate his world view. Angelis adopts a John Lennon voice and has Mike spending his days buying drugs and ogling women’s bottoms in the park.

The film even has Alf accidentally having an LSD trip at one point. It really doesn’t work at all.

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Rita Garnett
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