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Amazing Transplant, The (1970)

Virginal Arthur Barlen (Juan Fernadez) envies the sexual prowess of his dying friend, Felix (Sam Stewart).

When Felix dies, Arthurs blackmails Dr Cyril Meade (Bernard Marcel) into transplanting his now-dead friend’s penis onto him. Arthur remains fully conscious during the operation, talking to the surgeon!

After having the penis transplant, Arthur reacts like a zombie whenever he sees cheap gold earrings, raping (and sometimes killing) any women who are wearing them.

Arthur’s detective uncle searches for him, but only encounters other people’s flashbacks of lesbian sex, throwing up, and rape. One flashback star is early porn star Kim Pope.

This cheaply-made, badly lit nonsense has some scenes reversed so that a box of crackers reads “ZTIR” . . .

Director Doris Wishman is known to some for directing the notorious Chesty Morgan movies Double Agent 73 and Deadly Weapons. If you’ve seen either, you’ll have an idea of what to expect here.

Arthur Barlen
João Fernandes (Juan Fernandez)
Mary Thorne
Linda Southern
Detective Bill Barlen
Larry Hunter
Ann Barlen 
Mary Lamay (as Sandy Eden)
Edie Stone
Olive Denneccio
Ms Evans
Kim Pope
Dr Cyril Meade
Bernard Marcel (as E.B. Priest)
Bobbie’s lover
Suzzan Landau
Bobbie Revan
Janet Banzet (as Pat Barrett)
Sam Stewart
Felix’s girl #1
Uta Erickson
Felix’s girl #2
Linda Boyce
Olivia Brandon

Doris Wishman  (as Louis Silverman)