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Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, The (1979)

Confusion abounds when Amos (Tim Conway) and Theodore (Don Knotts), incompetent outlaws trying to go straight, are mistakenly identified as bank-robbing desperadoes (while trying to deposit a cheque) in this shoddy Disney sequel to The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975).


The pair of bumbling bandits find themselves in trouble with a sheriff, the cavalry, Indians and a rival gang.

If ever there were outlaws that didn’t inspire fear, these were those outlaws.

Meanwhile, Private Jeff Reed (Tim Matheson) and his boss Major Gaskill (Harry Morgan) are in a spot of trouble because an evil Lieutenant wants to disrupt things at the nice, orderly cavalry fort they call home.

Thank goodness for Amos and Theodore who inadvertently save the day – but not before accidentally blowing up their fort.

Unfortunately, the comedy is limp and slow-paced, and while the sequel has fragments of the original cast, it has no real panache.

Conway and Knotts re-teamed for a few more comedy features, including The Private Eyes in 1980.


Tim Conway

Don Knotts
Private Jeff Reed

Tim Matheson
Marshal Woolly Bill Hitchcock

Kenneth Mars
Milly Gaskill

Elyssa Davalos
Big Mack

Jack Elam
appledumplinggangridesagain9Lieutenant Jim Ravencroft
Robert Pine
Major Gaskill

Harry Morgan
Tough Kate

Ruth Buzzi
Martha Osten

Audrey Totter
Sergeant Slaughter

Richard X. Slattery

John Crawford
Wes Hardin

Cliff Osmond
Hank Starrett

Ted Gehring

Robert Totten

James Almanzar

Rex Holman

Vincent McEveety