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Assault (1970)

Suzy Kendall and Lesley Anne-Down star in a brutal British crime thriller about a vicious rapist-murderer on the prowl near an all-girls school in an English village.

Young art mistress Julie West (Kendall) glimpsed the killer but was unable to identify him and so decides to act as bait to lure the fiend out from the shadows.

Frank Finlay plays Detective Chief Superintendent Velyan who is leading the hunt for the attacker with the help of some psychological profiling from Doctor Greg Lomax (Jamie Laurenson).

Also known as In The Devil’s Garden and Satan’s Playthings, this film is sometimes referred to as a British Giallo, along the lines of the predominantly Italian genre then rising in popularity throughout Europe.

Star Suzy Kendall had earlier appeared in Dario Argento’s The Bird With the Crystal Plumage.


Julie West
Suzy Kendall
Det. Chief Supt. John Velyan
Frank Finlay
Tessa Hurst
Lesley-Anne Down
Greg Lomax
James Laurenson
Freddie Jones
Leslie Sanford
Tony Beckley
Mrs Sanford
Dilys Hamlett
Mr Bartell
Anthony Ainley
Det. Sgt. Jim Beale
James Cosmo
Sgt. Milton
Patrick Jordan
Allan Cuthbertson
Susan Miller
Annabel Littledale
Man in chemist
David Essex

Sidney Hayers