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Au Pair Girls, The (1974)

Veteran director Val Guest decided in the early 1970s to venture into the then-popular market of sex comedies, and having watched Danish box-office successes Bedroom Mazurka after a recommendation from BBFC censor John Trevelyan, set about writing a British variant in similar style based on a raunchy storyline by self-proclaimed “King of Sexploitation” David Grant.

Guest subsequently attempted to distance himself from The Au Pair Girls and claimed he’d never direct a sex comedy again. Yet two years later he helmed one of the biggest movies of his long career, Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974).

The film follows 24 chaotic hours in the lives of four sexy au pair girls who arrive in London through the Overseas Employment Agency.


There’s Swedish Anita Sector (Astrid Frank), Danish Randi Lindstrom (Gabrielle Drake, a recognisable face from Gerry Anderson’s UFO TV series), German Christa Geisler (Nancie Wait) and Nan Lee (Me Me Lai) from China.

Anita is placed with the suburban Howard family and seems initially more concerned as to whether or not they have a colour television.

Uninhibited Anita roams around the house in the buff, much to the delight of Mr Howard (Geoffrey Bayldon) but while on a date, she is picked up at a casino by a wealthy sheikh (Ferdy Mayne), who wants to make her part of his harem.


Christa too finds work with a middle-class family and is offered up as a virginal gift to hairy rock star Ricky Strange (Steve Patterson) who nonchalantly just moves on to the next bird.

Nan Lee meanwhile is found employment with the aristocracy and moves into the Tryke stately home to care for cosseted virtuoso pianist Rupert (Julian Barnes).

Busty Randi Lindstrom is being driven to her new place of work by eager young junior exec Stephen Wainwright (Richard O’Sullivan, star of Man About The House) when his Rolls-Royce gets a puncture. Randi rolls in the hay, has her clothes drenched, has to remove them and eventually ends up having sex with Stephen in an office parking lot.

Marketed in the US as The Young Playmates.

Anita Sector
Astrid Frank

Johnny Briggs
Randi Lindstrom

Gabrielle Drake
Nan Lee

Me Me Lai
Christa Geisler

Nancie Wait
Mrs Stevenson

Joyce Heron
Mrs Howard

Daphne Anderson
Mr Howard

Geoffrey Bayldon

Roger Avon
Lady Tryke

Rosalie Crutchley
Lord Tryke

Harold Bennett
Rupert Tryke

Julian Barnes
Mr Wainwright

John Le Mesurier
Stephen Wainwright

Richard O’Sullivan

Charles Morgan
Mrs Fairfax

Marianne Stone
Lyn Yeldham
Sheik El Abab
Ferdy Mayne
John Standing
Ricky Strange
Steve Patterson
Christine Donna
Marcia Fox
Carole Catkin

Val Guest