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Bad News Bears, The (1976)

badnewsbears9“The coach is waiting for his next beer. The pitcher is waiting for her first bra. The team is waiting for a miracle. Consider the possibilities”

Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal slug out the acting honours in this movie about an alcoholic coach trying to whip a little-league baseball team into shape.

Coach Morris Buttermaker (Matthau) is a former minor league ball player who now cleans out swimming pools (and not very well, either). Amanda (O’Neal) is the meanest pitcher in the land.

Coach Morris Buttermaker
Walter Matthau
Amanda Whurlitzerbadnewsbears8
Tatum O’Neal
Roy Turner
Vic Morrow
Joyce Van Patten
Bob Whitewood
Ben Piazza
Kelly Leak
Jackie Earle Haley
Alfred Lutter III
Tanner Boyle
Chris Barnes
Ahmad Abdul Rahim
Erin Blunt
Gary Lee Cavagnaro
badnewsbears_002Jose Agilar
Jaime Escobedo
Regi Tower
Scott Firestone
Miguel Agilar
George Gonzales
Jimmy Feldman
Brett Marx
Rudi Stein
David Pollock

Michael Ritchie