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Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (1974)

Champion black prizefighter Cal Jefferson (James Iglehart) is on honeymoon in Hong Kong with his new wife Arlene (Shirley Washington) when he rescues a mute drowning Chinese man who Cal nicknames “Charley” (Chiquito).

Meanwhile, the honeymooners find their lives in danger when they pick up a carved wooden Buddha statue while shopping which (unbeknownst to them) has a substance hidden inside it which is of the utmost interest to a nefarious underworld gang.

The gang – led by Leonardo King (Ken Metcalfe, who also wrote the movie) – follows the Jeffersons to the Philippines – as does the fiercely loyal Charley, who turns out to be highly skilled in the martial arts.

All-in-all, it’s a winning combination of good-natured humour, exotic locations, kung fu fights and a super-funky blaxploitation musical score.

Cal Jefferson
James Iglehart
Arlene Jefferson
Shirley Washington
Eddie Garcia
Leonardo King
Ken Metcalfe
Marissa Delgado
Ivan Soroka
Joe Zucchero
Michael Boyet
Hotel clerk
Vic Diaz

Cesar Gallardo