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Baron Blood (1972)

When the often hysterical architecture student Eva Arnold (Elke Sommer) and American Peter Kleist (Antonio Cantafora) read a parchment in a huge old castle in Austria, they unleash the spirit of the accursed, scar-faced, 16th-century Baron Otto von Kleist – “Baron Blood” – who built it.

The Baron appears as a wheelchair-bound man named Alfred Becker (Joseph Cotten), who buys back his old castle and restores it. Before long he is torturing and murdering innocent locals in his dungeon again, just like old times.

Some standout scenes show skewered bodies on the rooftop, the burning spirit of a witch, death by iron maiden, and bodies coming back to life.

Supporting roles include Massimo Girotti as professor Dr Karl Hummel; Rada Rassimov as haughty, but helpful medium Christina Hoffmann; Alan Collins as nutty caretaker Fritz; and little Nicole Elmi as Hummel’s cute, smart little daughter Gretchen.

The soundtrack features some nice, typically 60s Italian electric guitar and bongo passages.

Baron Otto von Kleist/Alfred Becker
Joseph Cotten
Eva Arnold
Elke Sommer
Dr Karl Hummel
Massimo Girotti
Luciano Pigozzi (as Alan Collins)
Peter Kleist
Antonio Cantafora
Umberto Raho
Gretchen Hummel
Nicoletta Elmi
Mayor Dortmundt
Dieter Tressler
Rolf Halwich
Dr Werner Hesse
Gustavo De Nardo
Martha Hummel
Valeria Sabel
Christina Hoffmann/Elizabeth Hölle
Rada Rassimov
Pilar Castel

Mario Bava