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Beach Bunnies, The (1976)

“I’ve got to know if Rock Sanders has a cock!”

Elaine Street (Brenda Fogarty) is the editor of a scandal sheet called Blue and is desperate to discover whether famous movie star Rock Sanders (Robert Bullock) – who has just returned from Denmark – has undergone a sex-change operation.

Having been failed by her journalists, and taking her three beautiful girlfriends with her, she sets off for the beach – where Rock is staying at the Silver Cove Lodge – to investigate.

Well, Elaine does the investigating while her girlfriends – Lorrie (Mariwin Roberts), Bonne (Wendy Cavanaugh) and shy redheaded computer analyst Sheila (Linda Gildersleeve, pictured below right) – go out on dates and screw men they meet randomly – and in Sheila’s case get gang-raped by surfie dudes Coolie, Tenpipe, and Hickory on the beach.

Elaine pretends to be Rock’s cousin to get his room number but the desk clerk isn’t buying it, so she gets the number by screwing a bellboy (Robert Bullock, billed here as Richard Parnes) but locks horns with Rock’s effeminate agent, Bruce Collins (Con Covert, pictured above left) when she calls.

And so she hatches scheme after scheme to try to get to Rock; she bribes a maid for her uniform and enters Rock’s room but is caught (again) by Bruce; seeing Rock on the beach she pretends to be attacked by a shark – and is saved by a Japanese tourist while Rock looks on bemused; and she fakes a fire in the hotel (running foul of Bruce Collins once more.

Elaine eventually finds out from personal experience that there are no grounds to the story at all and Rock Sanders most definitely does have a cock.

Stephen C Apostolof and Ed Wood Jr. reunited for this film after making Fugitive Girls together in 1974. This would be the last of Wood’s projects released during his lifetime.

Released in some markets as Red Hot and Sexy and Sun Bunnies.

Elaine Street
Brenda Fogarty
Mariwin Roberts
Linda Gildersleeve
Wendy Cavanaugh
Harvey Shain
Johnny Fain (as John Aquaboy)
Rick Cassidy
Bruce Collins
Con Covert
Robert Bullock (as Richard Parnes)
Rock Sanders 
Marland Proctor

Stephen C. Apostolof (as A.C. Stephen)