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Beast In The Cellar, The (1971)

Soldiers in a rural part of Lancashire (England) are being killed by an unidentified beast – the authorities suspect a leopard –  that is only killing men in uniform.

Meanwhile, near the small rural town of Littlemead, elderly sisters Ellie (Beryl Reid) and Joyce (Flora Robson) Ballantyne, have kept their brother Stephen (Dafydd Havard) bricked up in their cellar for the past 30 odd years

Hearing that a soldier from the nearby army camp has been murdered, the sisters check on Stephen and discover he has dug a tunnel and escaped. Finding another dead soldier in their shed, Ellie and Joyce – not unreasonably – deduce that their brother is responsible.

Ellie Ballantyne
Beryl Reid
Joyce Ballantyne
Flora Robson
Alan Marlow
John Hamill
Nurse Sutherland
Tessa Wyatt
Stephen Ballantyne
Dafydd Havard
DCS Paddick
T.P. McKenna
Sgt. Young
John Kelland
Dr Spencer
David Dodimead
Vernon Dobtcheff
Young Ellie
Gail Lidstone
Young Joyce
Elizabeth Choice
Young Stephen
Merlin Ward
Anthony Heaton
Christopher Chittell
Peter Craze

James Kelly