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Beast, The (1975)

The head of a failing French family thinks that fate has smiled down on him when the daughter of a wealthy man agrees to be married to his son.

In order to assure an inheritance, Lucy Broadhurst (Lisbeth Hummel) must marry Mathurin de l’Esperance (Pierre Benedetti). He’s not really interested in women – breeding horses is more to his taste and he has a few other quirks, not the least of which is an embarrassing deformity.

This grotesque, erotic, fantasy fairytale was criticised by many for its shocking sex sequences, and the explicit depiction of bestiality and copious (fake) ejaculate kept it off British screens for a quarter of a century.

The Beast is an unforgettable dream-like experience and one that lingers long in the mind after viewing.

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Romilda de l’Esperance
Sirpa Lane
Lucy Broadhurst
Lisbeth Hummel
Virginia Broadhurst
Elisabeth Kaza
Mathurin de l’Esperance
Pierre Benedetti
Pierre de l’Esperance
Guy Tréjan
Roland Armontel
Duc Rammendelo De Balo
Marcel Dalio
Roberto Capia
Robert Capia
Clarisse De l’Esperance
Pascale Rivault
Hassane Fall
Anna Baldaccini
Thierry Bourdon
Marie Testanière
Stéphane Testanière
Cardinal Joseph de Balo
Jean Martinelli

Walerian Borowczyk