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Behind The Green Door (1972)

Behind The Green Door starred former cheerleader and Junior Olympic diver Marilyn Chambers, whose credit as the ex-Ivory Snow Girl gave her virtually mythic qualifications for fulfilling the fantasies of the red-blooded American male.


The feature-length pornographic film cost producers Jim and Artie Mitchell $50,000 to film. It grossed an astounding $50 million.

Gloria (Chambers) is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious location where she is hypnotised and led on stage in front of an audience. In a state of hypnosis, she takes part in a series of erotic performances.

During the sexual activities, the music slows into a ritualistic drone while the images saturate in colour and overlap, lulling the audience into a trance-like state.

Through the use of colour saturation, music, and slow motion, the Mitchell Brothers mimic the state of hypnosis, creating a kinky psychedelic experience.

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Marilyn Chambers
African Stud
Johnnie Keyes
Barry Clark
George S. McDonald
Lisa Grant
Yank Levine
Toni Attell
Ben Davidson
Adrienne Mitchell
First Kidnapper
Jim Mitchell
Second Kidnapper
Artie Mitchell

James Mitchell
Artie Mitchell