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Beneath The Valley of The Ultra-vixens (1979)

This quintessential sex comedy was Russ Meyer’s last movie as director, and it’s all here – insatiable mega-busty women, religion, necrophilia, comic violence, impotent bumbling men, chainsaws and Martin Bormann.

The plot revolves around stripper Lavonia (Francesca “Kitten” Natividad) and her attempts to steer her husband Lamar (Ken Kerr) away from his fetish for rear entry, with jiggling Ann Marie and Uschi Digard along for the roller coaster ride through Meyer’s lusty small-town USA landscape.

Lavonia calls herself Lola when she strips at The Other Ball. Lamar works for Junkyard Sal (June Mack). Stuart Lancaster is the narrator.

The director plays himself in this satirical semi-autobiography, which has a strong moral code at its soft-core centre.

ultravixens_002  ultravixens_001

Lavonia/Lola Langusta
Francesca “Kitten” Natividad
Lamar Shedd
Ken Kerr
Eufaula Roop
Ann Marie
Junkyard Sal
June Mack
Mr Peterbuilt
Pat Wright
Martin Bormann
Henry Rowland
Dr Asa Lavender
Robert Pearson
Semper Fidelis
Michael Finn
Nurse Flovilla Thatch
Sharon Hill
Beau Badger
Don Scarborough
Aram Katcher
DeForest Covan
Steve Tracy
Uschi Digard
The Man From Small Town USA
Stuart Lancaster

Russ Meyer