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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)

It’s ironic that this sequel to the blockbuster that initiated the disaster movie cycle should effectively finish off the genre and the career of its king, Irwin Allen.

Michael Caine (possibly at one of the lowest ebbs in his career), Sally Field and Karl Malden play the members of a salvage team who come to the rescue of the overturned Poseidon passenger liner and find themselves fighting off villainous Telly Savalas, who is after the ship’s valuable secret cargo.


Peter Boyle, Shirley Knight, Veronica Hamel and Mark Harmon are among the supporting players who probably wished they hadn’t survived the sinking, and even the effects aren’t up to much.

Captain Mike Turner
Michael Caine
Celeste Whitman
Sally Field
Stefan Svevo
Telly Savalas
Frank Mazzetti
Peter Boyle
Harold Meredith
Jack Warden
Hannah Meredith
Shirley Knight
Gina Rowe
Shirley Jones
Wilbur Hubbard
Karl Malden
Suzanne Constantine
Veronica Hamel
Slim Pickens
Larry Simpson
Mark Harmon
Theresa Mazzetti
Angela Cartwright
Paul Picerni
Patrick Culliton
Dean Ferrandini

Irwin Allen