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Big Bird Cage, The (1972)

The sequel to The Big Doll House (1971) is more of the same – a blaxploitation mix of broad humour, random violence, gratuitous nudity and dodgy politics.

Terry (icy beauty Anitra Ford), a social-climbing young woman, accidentally gets caught up in the activities of two revolutionaries, Blossom (Pam Grier) and Django (Sid Haig), and finds herself in a concentration camp for women.

In the centre of the camp is a towering wooden machine (“the big bird cage”) in which the women risk their lives processing sugar as the evil warden looks on.

The prisoners are subjected to sadistic cruelty from the guards and fellow prisoners, and all attempts at escape are dealt with permanently.

Django swoops in to rescue his girlfriend, Blossom, and incite a bloody insurrection.


Predictable escapist mayhem with the accent on laughs – especially when Sid Haig acts fey to become friendly with the gay guards.

Pam Grier
Anitra Ford
Candice Roman
Bull Jones
Teda Bracci
Carol Speed
Karen McKevic
Sid Haig

Jack Hill