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Birth of the Beatles (1979)

The early days with original drummer Pete Best (who was a consultant on the film) and bassist Stu Sutcliffe are touched on, but this dismal TV movie  – a Dick Clark production made for ABC-TV but released in cinemas in Europe – mostly looks at the mop-tops up until their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

All four members of The Beatles sued to stop the movie but lost.

Birth of the Beatles is full of inaccuracies – clothes, guitars, songs, events, locations, you name it – and contains much that is completely falsified. See Backbeat (1994) instead.

John Lennon
Stephen MacKenna
Paul McCartney
Rod Culbertson
George Harrison
John Altman
Ringo Starr
Ray Ashcroft
Pete Best
Michael Ryan
Stu Sutcliffe
David Wilkinson
Brian Epstein
Brian Jameson
Wendy Morgan
Rory Storm
Gary Olsen
Aunt Mimi
Eileen Kennally
Club Boss
Richard Marner
Alyson Spiro
George Martin
Nigel Havers

Richard Marquand