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Bitch, The (1979)

This dreadful but equally commercially successful sequel to the tedious kitsch classic, The Stud (1978) sees Joan Collins reprises her role as the sex-mad diva, Fontaine, for further sleazy adventures in the fast lane.

Promiscuous nightclub owner Fontaine Khaled (Collins) meets suave, elegant Italian Nico (Antonio Cantafora) on a plane from New York to London. She is immediately attracted to his charm but he’s a diamond smuggler and slips a stolen diamond ring into the pocket of her mink coat in case he is stopped at the customs desk.

Fontaine sails smoothly through customs without realising what she’s done but doesn’t bother to wait for Nico as they had planned. He then sets about trying to retrieve the ring which is wanted by a member of the Mafia (Ian Hendry).


Meanwhile, in Fontaine’s absence, her once-popular Mayfair disco – The Hobo – has become untrendy and her accountant warns that she can no longer afford her lavish lifestyle.

The film follows the adventures of Fontaine and Nico through a world of expensive living and luxurious nightspots as the pace hots up with the Mafia on Nico’s trail and he on Fontaine’s.

Fontaine Khaled
Joan Collins
Nico Cantafora

Antonio Cantafora
Arnold Rinstead

Kenneth Haigh
Thrush Feather

Ian Hendry

Pamela Salem
Vanessa Grant

Sue Lloyd
Leonard Grant

Mark Burns
Polly Logan

Carolyn Seymour

Doug Fisher

Sharon Fussey

Peter Wight

Gerry O’Hara