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Black Caesar (1973)

Fred Williamson portrays Tommy Gibbs, a ruthlessly ambitious young man who climbs to the top of the New York crime syndicate by first wooing and then exterminating Mafia leaders.

Building up the Harlem turf given him by a white gang leader, Gibbs quickly becomes well-heeled, hires a syndicate lawyer, buys the lawyer’s condominium apartment completely furnished (Gibbs’ mother is the maid there and he gives her the place) and steals the Mafia’s all-important records.


His killings and other pastimes offend his playmate Helen, played by Gloria Hendry, who takes up with Gibbs’ best friend (Phillip Roye).

Fred Williamson
Minnie Gentry
Julius W Harris
D’urville Martin
Don Pedro Colley
Gloria Hendry
Art Lund
Val Avery
Phillip Roye

Larry Cohen