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Black Gestapo, The (1975)

This absurd, nasty, amateurish movie looks like it was shot in 16mm on a shoestring budget and has almost the same plot as Bucktown (from the same year).

“The Black People’s Party of Watts” is organised to fight white gangsters headed by mob boss Don Vincent (director Lee Frost) who sell drugs, take protection money, and rape local women.

The gangsters are beaten, shot, thrown out of windows, and – in one case – castrated with a straight razor.

The vigilante second-in-command, Colonel Kojah (Charles Robinson) goes too far, though, when he starts acting like the gangsters and his men switch from their khakis and red berets to SS-style uniforms and start goosestepping (“Sieg heil” is dubbed in).

Having driven the white mobsters out of the ghetto, they take over the rackets themselves until hero General Ahmed (Rod Perry) eventually stops Kojah and his thugs in a one-man assault. Ahmed uses fancy weapons, martial arts, and trickery to literally defeat an army before confronting Kojah in a hand-to-hand brawl.

Adult movie regulars Dona Desmond and Uschi Digart appear as hookers.

General Ahmed
Rod Perry
Colonel Kojah
Charles Robinson
Phil Hoover
Edward Cross
Angela Brent
Wes Bishop
Lee Frost
White Whore
Dona Desmond
Charles Howerton
Dr Lisk
Rai Tasco
Kojah’s Girl
Uschi Digard
Dope Pusher
David Bryant
TV Owner
J. Christopher Sullivan
Vincent’s Girl
Susan Randolph
Colin Male
Gene Russell

Lee Frost