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Blind Rage (1978)

The US government is sending $15 million to Southeast Asia for relief work and five blind friends decide to stage a robbery and take the money.

The five – Triad member Lin Wang (Leo Fong), American gangster Willie Black (D’Urville Martin), magician Anderson (Dick Adair), Filipino electronics expert Ben Guevara (Tony Ferrer) and blind matador (!) Hector Lopez (Darnell Garcia) – undergo intensive training from Sally (Leila Hermosa) in a bank mockup.

Meanwhile, CIA agent Jesse Crowder (Fred Williamson) is waiting to take them down. Fred is only in the last ten minutes though, so he clearly did it for the money.

It’s an incredibly unique film, though not remotely good.


Jesse Crowder
Fred Williamson
Willie Black
D’Urville Martin
Lin Wang
Leo Fong
Ben Guevara
Tony Ferrer
Dick Adair
Hector Lopez
Darnell Garcia
Johnny Duran
Charlie Davao
Leila Hermosa
Capt. Reyes
Carlos Padilla Jr.
Chief Rodriguez
Subas Herrero
Jim Metcalf
Chuck Doherty
Lew Simpson
B.T. Anderson

Efren C. Piñon