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Blood Sabbath (1972)

David (Tony Geary of General Hospital fame) is a hitchhiking Vietnam vet with an acoustic guitar, sandals, and sideburns. While he’s sleeping in the woods of Mexico (?), five naked hippie women (including Uschi Digard) wake him and chase him. He hits his head on a rock.

He is awoken by a water nymph named Yyalah (Susan Damante with a terrible blonde wig and too much eye makeup). They fall in love but, apparently, a sea nymph can never be with anyone who has a soul.

The tortured David just wants to spend a night with Yyalah so he sets about trying to lose his soul which leads him to the evil, topless Alotta, Queen of the witches (Dyanne Thorne, Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS herself) who wears a crown, a red cape, and a black bikini bottom (but the female followers in her coven are always naked).

Alotta agrees to destroy David’s soul but – being a witch – she demands some unsavoury stuff in return.

With baby-killing Vietnam flashbacks, topless dancing, the decapitation of a priest, a freak-out sequence and weird music (theremin and flute), it sounds like a stupid movie – and it is. But there are endless shots of beautiful young women cavorting in the nude, so what’s not to like?

English director Brianne Murphy was later the Director of Photography on the Little House on the Prairie series and directed several episodes of Acapulco H.E.A.T in the 1990s.

Tony Geary
Susan Damante
Sam Gilman
The Padre
Steve Gravers
Alotta – Queen of Witches
Dyanne Thorne
The Witches
Susan Landis
Samra Harvey
Mary Lind
Felice Darvey
Ramona Timberlake
Francesca Pelli
Jane Tsentas
Lynn Harris
Kathy Hilton
Terri Johnson
Jane Swiskay

Brianne Murphy