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Blood Spattered Bride, The (1972)

This sexy Spanish lesbian vampire flick starts with recently married young virgin bride Susan (Maribel Martín) travelling with her husband (Simón Andreu) to his isolated manor.

The young husband’s insatiable sexual perversions frighten Susan, who also notices there are only paintings of her husband’s male ancestors in the house and none of their wives.

Discovering the pictures of the womenfolk kept in the basement, Susan discovers a painting of a female ancestor named Mircalla Karstein (Alexandra Bastedo) without a face.

Her husband explains that she killed her husband on their honeymoon and Susan begins to have dreadful violent nightmares involving Mircalla.

bloodspatteredbride_bastedoIn easily the film’s weirdest and most surreal scene, Susan’s husband finds a naked woman buried on the beach (pictured at left).

Her name is Carmilla and she is the living embodiment of Mircalla Karstein.

When he takes her home (as you would) Carmilla seduces Susan and the husband and the seductive lesbian vampire battle it out for control over the young wife.

Based on the classic novel Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, The Blood Spattered Bride (original title La Novia Ensangrentada) is a remarkable film filled with wonderful performances from the cast and haunting imagery gorgeously photographed by veteran cinematographer Fernando Aribas.

The film was brutally cut for its American release but the original cut is a wonderful psychosexual journey into the mind.

Simón Andreu
Maribel Martín
Mircalla Karstein (Carmilla)
Alexandra Bastedo
Dean Selmier
Carol’s father
Ángel Lombarte
Carol’s mother
Montserrat Julió
Rosa M. Rodriguez

Vicente Aranda