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Blue Fin (1978)

Accident prone son ‘Snook’ Pascoe (Greg Rowe) is forever making mistakes much to the chagrin of his gruff father Bill (Hardy Kruger).

But when tragedy strikes their tuna fishing boat during a deep sea fishing trek in the ocean off South Australia, the boy is called on to become a man in a rite of passage at sea to save both his father and the ship from certain disaster.


Snook somehow pumps the water out of the boat, stops ammonia leaking from the freezer, makes himself a dish of cold tinned peas topped up with marmalade, finds the first aid box and gets a Band-Aid for his father (who needs rather more, having had his leg broken in the near shipwreck), manages to start the engines and, with a makeshift tiller, heads for home.

Snook and his dad arrive back to find the inhabitants of Streaky Bay massed on the wharf cheering them in. And not a word about the rest of the six-man crew lost at sea.

Bill Pascoe
Hardy Krüger
Steve ‘Snook’ Pascoe
Greg Rowe
Ruth Pascoe
Liddy Clark
Sam Snell
John Jarratt
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Alfred Bell
Ralph Cotterill
George Spartels
Jock Owen
Mrs Pascoe
Elspeth Ballantyne
John Godden
John Thompson
Kelly Aitken
Graham Rouse
Andy Nelson
Wayne Rodda
Lady Henty
Anne Milliner

Carl Schultz