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Blue Fire Lady (1977)

This Australian family film about a young girl (played by 18-year-old Cathryn Harrison, daughter of actor/singer Noel, and granddaughter of Rex) who falls in love with a horse has a very limited plotline:

Girl loves horses. Father hates them. Father sends daughter away to boarding school. Girl gets job as a strapper, tames racehorse, gets fired, loses horse, buys horse. The end.


There’s a nasty piece of work (Gary Waddell) sneering around the stables, and a mock-Italian landlady (Marion Edward), and a nice clean-cut boy-next-door type (one-time Aussie pop star heart-throb, Mark Holden).

There are lashings of rural activities, including early-morning track work and racecourse atmosphere at Caulfield caught by Vince Monton’s camera.

Being low on content, having no climax to speak of, and not much drama or suspense on the way to it (unless you count flat-hunting and job-seeking as dramas), Blue Fire Lady is inclined to longwindedness.

However, Cathryn Harrison carries the unobjectionable piece well with friendly smiles and passable riding.

The horse, Blue Fire Lady, was played by a real racehorse called Unique Princess.

Jenny Grey
Cathryn Harrison
Mark Holden
Peter Cummins
Mrs Gianini
Marion Edward
Mr Alan Grey
Lloyd Cunnington
Mr Bartlett
Syd Conabere
Mrs Bartlett
Irene Hewitt
Philip Barnard-Brown
Gary Waddell
John Wood
Mr Peters
John Ewart
Kelvin Clegg
Roy Higgins
David John

Ross Dimsey