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Boatniks, The (1970)

It was hi-jinks at the harbour in this 1970 Disney comedy/crime flick, a sort of Gilligan’s Island meets The Pink Panther.

Robert Morse filled the bumbling sailor role, playing against Phil Silvers (TV’s Sgt. Bilko) as the leader of a gang of hapless bad guys.


When bumbling Coast Guard Ensign Thomas Garland (Morse) gets assigned to busy Newport Harbour, he unwittingly crosses the paths of jewel thieves Harry Simmons (Silvers), Max Mason and Charlie Long.

The three are after comely Kate Fairchild, who accidentally dropped the stolen jewels into her picnic basket.

Madcap slapstick follows as Harry, Max and Charlie try to recover the jewels, Ensign Garland tries to woo Ms Fairchild, and short-tempered Coast Guard Commander Taylor tries not to strangle his inept subordinate.

With performances from Morse, Silvers, Don Ameche, Norman Fell, Mickey Shaughnessy and Stephanie Powers, The Boatniks followed the long-standing Disney tradition of talented ensemble comedy.

The film was a respectable hit in cinemas, and thanks to Disney’s long-running series of TV shows, the film continued to be enjoyed by audiences for years after its release.

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Ensign Thomas Garland
Robert Morse

Stefanie Powers
Harry Simmons

Phil Silvers

Norman Fell

Mickey Shaughnessy

Wally Cox
Commander Taylor

Don Ameche
Lt. Jordan

Joey Forman

Galindo Vito Scotti

Tom Lowell
Chief Walsh

Bob Hastings

Sammy Jackson

Judy Jordan

Al Lewis