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Boys In Company C, The (1978)

The Boys in Company C follows the lives of five naïve young Marine inductees from their training in boot camp through a tour in Vietnam that quickly devolves into a hellish nightmare.

Disheartened by futile combat, appalled by the corruption of their South Vietnamese ally, and constantly endangered by the incompetence of their own company commander, the young men find a possible way out of the war.

They are told that if they can defeat a rival soccer team, they can spend the rest of their tour playing exhibition games behind the lines.

But as they might have predicted, nothing in Vietnam is as simple as it seems.

boyscompanyc4 boyscompanyc7

Recognised as the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick s Full Metal Jacket (1987), the movie is a frighteningly realistic critique of the pointlessness and corruption universally associated with the Vietnam war.

Watch out for Lee Ermey, later the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket.

Tyrone Washington
Stan Shaw
Billy Ray Pike
Andrew Stevens
Alvin Foster
James Canning
Vinnie Fazio
Michael Lembeck
Dave Bisbee
Craig Wasson
Captain Collins
Scott Hylands
Lieutenant Archer
James Whitmore Jr
Sergeant Curry
Noble Willingham
Sergeant Loyce
R Lee Ermey

Sidney J Furie